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Sunny Side Opera

Our mission is to create and support collaborative and affordable opportunities for aspiring opera singers and classical musicians.
We strive to honor the artist's vision for their individual craft and blend these unique perspectives into a congruent production.
Opportunities are specifically designed with consideration for the performers’ time and resources, with the intent that efforts are mutually beneficial.  ​
These goals are rooted in both passion for the art form and a desire to incite creative partnership. 

Lois Larsen- Founder

Having spent the last 10 years training to be a professional opera singer, Lois' passion extends much further than singing on stage.

Lois' goal for Sunny Side Opera is to make classical music more accessible to her local community, and create exciting opportunities for colleagues who are as passionate about the art form as she is!

Lois is excited to watch Sunny Side evolve as it continues to present classical music through passion and partnership.

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